Thursday, February 7, 2008


Doctor Shortage Change Obama We Are One

Maryland is running short of doctors. In part this is due to the outsourcing of medical training costs by accepting immigrant doctors and depriving young Americans of the opportunity to train for a lucrative and worthwhile career. This is the cost of legal immigration. By focusing the discussion on illegal immigration, the true costs and advantages of the present immigration system are concealed. What happens to a society which develops along this path? It may be financially expedient for a while, but ultimately the community must provide for the training of its own doctors (engineers, lawyers, scientists etc). The bills are coming due, just at the point we can least afford to pay them.

A more efficient health care system would take much greater advantage of greater numbers of less expensive nurses and primary health care workers, and provide a great many worthwhile jobs for the community. This is what government funded health care programs do. They provide lots of good worthwhile jobs. Why are we importing people from other countries to do these professional jobs, when we have such a great need for decent jobs in less well off communities all over the country.

Just because it is manifestly easier for the politicians to contain the great American tradition of accepting people from all over the world in search of a better life for themselves, by allocating slots to people based on their having achieved advanced education overseas, at someone else’s expense. WE demonize as illegal, the undocumented workers who arrive penniless and desperate, as so many of our forefathers did before us. And we forget, in this dispute of who has a “right” to be here, that many arrived in chains, and their descendants still face an almost impossible struggle in many cities and farm communities all over this land of the free.

It is in the nature of all things to change. It is the only constant of which we can be confident. Unceasing change and transformation is fundamental to our existence on this mortal plane. The genetic make up, and the conscious historical traditions of our people are expanding at an ever increasing rate. This is inevitable, and therefore, if you want to be able to understand this change, you need to accept its benefits and its other consequences, and grow your understanding in alignment with it. Senator Obama’s candidacy for the nomination of the Democratic Party is one of the manifestations of this change. The multi cultural lives of our teenagers and young adults in urban and suburban areas of the United States are another indication. Change is speeding up. This is partly because of our abilities to communicate with vast numbers of people very quickly, but this again is neither cause nor effect, but manifestation of a far deeper and more permanent change.

Old barriers of race are breaking down in the United States. Oh we still find lots of ways to separate ourselves from each other. Our suburban lifestyles and car culture have cut and sliced the arrangement of our lives - we don’t get out enough, and when we do go out, casual conversations with the neighbors, once a feature of ordinary life everywhere for hundreds of thousands of years, has been replaced with chatting to the clerk at your local McDonalds. People now meet each other on the internet. In response to a god-awful loneliness (hmm…reminds me of some days as a teenager) people connect with each other over vast distances, and over their local neighborhood sitting in front of small screens.

Pretty soon our situation is going to be dramatically changed in response to the decline in the use of oil to power our lifestyle.

There are all sorts of reasons why we must, and inevitably will, decrease our reliance on fossil fuels. This will entail some very serious re-tooling, and a big rethink in architecture and the design of community living spaces. We simply will not be traveling anything like the distances our current generation, and the previous couple, have always taken for granted. This is another big change that America is racing to embrace, while at the same time squeezing the maximum economic benefits from the existing arrangement. The old structure must fall, and it seems the owners of all that capital investment are preparing (however grudgingly and slowly) to switch to the green economy. The advent of Green products from the makers of Clorox Bleach is a welcome sign. Recent restructuring of the conditionality of loans to energy generation companies requiring investment in cleanup and in renewable sources, is another.

One thing of which you can be certain, the number of energy units consumed is going to go way down for a lot of us. The pollution and noise of the internal combustion engine is about to undergo a dramatic decline. The air will be a lot cleaner.

Managing this change will require very flexible leadership in Washington DC. Does Obama have the capacity to manage, to lead through the minefield of competing interests? Well, maybe, maybe not, but somehow or other we must, if we are to continue to be successful as a nation, develop a way of living in harmony with each other, and with the natural world of which we are a very important part.

In other words, our selves must unite and integrate at higher and more inclusive ways until we can form policy from the core idea that what is good for the world, and for the people of the world, most of all, is necessarily good for America. We must flow with the change to be successful, to resist, to try and delay the change will exhaust the power of all who try it.

We are One.

We are becoming one world people in a very meaningful and transcendent manner. Nothing can interfere with this change. It runs far deeper than the superficial reality of nation states, and water shortages, and resource wars, and whatever else dances in the pixels of broadcast reality.

We are One. It is manifest.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Corporate Rule

The issue that only Ron Paul will discuss in the Presidential campaign is the use of the United States military to protect the profits of trans-national corporations all over the world. It is time we understood that our role in the world, as American workers and American taxpayers is to provide for the needs of international finance. We are slaves to a homegrown power that has no loyalty to our country.

It is corporate power and profit that dictates our foreign and domestic policy. WE have been overthrown. Government of, by and for the people has perished from the earth.

If we are to take back that which is rightfully ours, our freedom, then we must remove from government all those corporate lackeys who have been complicit in this counter-revolution, and shut down the institutions of global dominance. And the really sad truth is that this may no longer be possible within the lifetime of anyone now living.

How is an individual to face up to this reality and begin to turn the tide? First we must, by our individual choices and actions, refuse to support the corporate monsters. Don’t work for them, don’t buy their products, don’t vote for their lackeys. Transitioning to this role is difficult because we have been asleep for many decades. Each of us must evaluate our lifestyle and replace those activities in which we engage that result in gains for our corporate masters.

Do not work for trans-national corporations.

Do not buy their products.

Do not use their banks

Use barter, lets and home produced food to withdraw from the corporate economy

Invest in alternative non-corporate energy, food, housing and transportation.

Keep your taxable income as low as humanly possible to starve the military industrial complex.

Turn off the corporate propaganda feeds – no television, no corporate owned radio and newspapers.

Organize alternative political parties

Get to know your neighbors and develop local solutions to meeting the needs of the community.

Or suicide. A concerted international suicide campaign would demonstrate absolute opposition to corporate slavery. Live free or die.

How many suicides would it take before the sleeping power of the majority is awoken to the reality of their situation? Hundreds of millions probably. (Tough sell, eh?) How to organize this?

If each suicide were published on YouTube then the powers would shut down the channel. It would be necessary to organize mass-suicides that could not be suppressed by the media. If, for example, a hundred million Americans were to suicide on one day, that might be enough. But the masters of international finance would love to see the world population dramatically reduced, and would simply replace that many without batting an eye. In fact, preventable disease and poverty already kill millions every year, and there is no end to the supply.

What if we stopped reproducing? Again, that is already happening – fertility rates are below replacement levels in much of the industrialized world, and only immigration keeps our numbers rising.

Is there no way out? What if we just stopped working and spent our days sitting on the sidelines and refusing to participate. This is what I do now, but it would only be effective if there were a huge increase in the number of people living this way. A sort or permanent national strike.

Do what you can, sabotage the corporate monster at every opportunity. Fill the jails and prisons. Again, this strategy is already employed by some, but the corporate monster adapts to the situation by building more prisons, and for a profit.

The situation is impossible. There is no way out.

So go back to work. Relax in front of the TV. Invest your passion in the spectacle of professional sports. Ignore the ongoing slaughter and pretend to believe in the righteousness of the cause of global capitalism. Suppress your anxiety and awareness with prescription drugs and alcohol. Spend your life accumulating the toys and distractions provided to submissive servants of the monster. Leave the problem for your kids.

Eventually the corporate monsters will eat the whole world, and then each other.

And the survivors will start the whole process all over again.