Sunday, March 2, 2008

Diebold to the rescue?

What’s the betting there’s a big Diebold win for Clinton in Texas and Ohio? The recount in New Hampshire was cancelled due to lack of money even though serious discrepancies had been exposed. Remember the massive outcry?

I don’t think the Clinton/Bush cabal are going to give up their dreams of global domination just because a few million ignorant voters decide they want something else. The American presidency has been “won” by fraud for all of the past eight years, few people objected, and those that did were largely ignored by the corporate media. There have been no changes in media ownership which suggest a more reliable and impartial coverage this time around. If anything, the criminals have strengthened their grip.

The gap between reality and the fiction presented by the world’s media barons has been a gaping chasm since September 2001, and the gap grows wider and deeper with each passing day.