Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Bike

I always name my bicycles. The last one was called “gravel” which I took from the Wasp Factory by Iain Banks.

“The Wheelchair” is from a Chinese Factory. She, for she is the most assuredly feminine of all the machines I have owned, can go places most wheelchairs cannot = up and down kerbs for example, which is necessary if the bike is to be viable transportation.

I haven’t begun to explore her slinky strength. I am barely able to walk at the moment, due to circulation problems in my leg(s). This condition will only get worse unless I take steps to reverse the deterioration. So I need the advice of an expert in healing and herbs.

And I need the bike to get to his house. Cos If I were to go by metro, going by recent experience, I’d expect it to hurt. The pressure bandage helped some, The daily aspirin, and the daily lemon juice and baking soda may be having some positive effect, who knows how bad this would be without that? I can manage the ride all the way there and back, but I might take the train there and bike back. Depending. Get some Stevia anyway.

Twenty four speeds, front shocks, spring mounted comfort saddle, disks front and rear. I added a monster back-rack with custom cage, carved out of a black plastic File Tray from Target. Extra reflectors, lights. I have the front shocks screwed down pretty tight, and the tires at the high end of the range, but I cannot make “wheelchair” perform like “Gravel”. The twist-grip gear changes are a step backwards from the crisp and slick triggers, and the pointer moves across the numbers, instead of the numbers moving past the fixed point, so they take some getting used to.

I am traveling mostly on the sidewalk (where I was comfortable with Gravel on the road) and I am in lower gear due to my physical limitations. I am out of shape, because it is ten months since Gravel got nicked. And the wheelchair has really substandard pedals. So I cannot claim to have mastered the skills needed to test wheelchair against my own limitations, let alone her innate potential. She makes it possible for me to have a life outside of this room. And for that I am truly grateful. I hope we have a long and close relationship.


  1. Of course Wheelchair got nicked before the honeymoon was over.

  2. So far Prudence has been with me for nearly three years. I recently added some decorations. The wheels, cassette, bottom bracket, chain, pedals and crankset have all been replaced (by me) over the past twelve months. I still ride everywhere, and almost every day (snow and heavy rain keep me off the road). https://www.facebook.com/micheal.tiu/media_set?set=a.10151704105731516.1073741834.667091515&type=3