Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Toss your balls in the air!

Rick Santelli - calls for Chicago tea party to dump derivative securities into Lake Michigan.

New incarnation as a revolutionary leader.

Says Washington and Jefferson (both potheads) are rolling in their graves.

The split widens.

What Mr. Santelli and his ilk fail to realize, is that their honest labor, and enlightened capitalist philosophy have brought this planet close to a dangerous precipice. The world is no longer split between the haves and have-nots, the savers and the borrowers, nor the worthy and the profane. We are all dependent on the biosphere.

An inchoate coalition continues to coalesce.

One group is uniting across international boundaries. Language and cultural values, rather than obstacles to understanding become opportunities for expansion and growth for these people. This group values peace, love, respect, health and well-being. They care about not only their own food (these people do not eat at MacDonalds), but also that there be food for everyone else.

Most of them are very poor, about two billion of them live on less than two dollars a day. Close to a billion of them have access to credit through micro-finance programs. Millions of them are local environmental activists, thousands of them travel the world and lend strength to the whole movement through the cohesion and communication they provide.

They work in trade unions and credit unions, hospitals and clinics. Some of them work at Starbucks at the moment, but as the econopocalypse continues they will find other ways to contribute. You see what this group understands, and what Mr Santelli has yet to realize, is that the jobs thing is over. There. Are. No. Fucking. Jobs.

So that raises the question – what shall we do? Hmmm. Tough one that. Let's see. The earth currently losing approximately two hundred species a day. Earth's population expected to reach nine and a half billion by 2050. Global agriculture absolutely dependent on chemicals and fuel currently obtained from a source which must be replaced for many reasons, not least of which are the stench, the noise, the asphyxiating fumes, the destruction of fragile ecosystems, the oppression of tribal peoples, the upholding of nasty little fascist torturers as legal heads of state, not to mention a significant portion of the global trade in weapons, many of which are also heavily dependent on this fuel source.

OK so there's plenty to do. Now how shall we organize ourselves to accomplish these things that need doing?

The best thing would be to set up companies. We could call them Social Business companies. Social business is a non-loss, non-dividend company with a social purpose. (Cleaning up a toxic dump, for example, or restoring a damaged wetlands, restoring fish stock to traditional fishing areas, sifting thousands of tons of plastic debris from the Pacific Ocean gyre, that sort of thing).

I wish I could claim this idea as my own, but it came from Dr. Muhammad Yunus, whose accomplishments in the field of improving the opportunities for tens of millions of the world's poorest people are ample testament to the quality of that mind.

The future is ours. We are one, Mr. Santelli, and you are welcome to join us -- I've even thought of a “job” for you.

We need to set up a social stock-market where investors can stash their gains from the destruction of our living space. A way for the capitalist classes to pay us back for the mess made by corporations acting in the interests of the shareholders (as they are legally obliged to do).

We pay no interest, and offer no dividend. Under specified circumstances the investment can be returned to the investor, but no more than that. The success of the business is determined by how much it contributes to the general well being. All ventures are essentially co-ops, although some recognition of seniority is afforded on the basis of experience and accomplishment, the wild disparities in incomes between the “workers” and the “executives” are to be confined to the dustbin of history.

That is the future we are already creating, even before the pile of debris from the capitalist expansion has completed its fall. The pinnacle of global dominance so briefly achieved, must necessarily be followed by a collapse. To argue otherwise is to completely misunderstand the force of Change in the universe. (A Chinese mind would never make such an error). The seeds are already planted.

So, by all means, toss you derivatives in the lake, Mr. Santelli. The losers are about to become winners – do you know which group you are in?