Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sow Flowers

Sow flowers to make a garden bloom around you,
The thorns you sow will prick your own feet.

Arrows shot at others
Will return to hit you as they fall.

You yourself will come to teeter on the lip
Of a well dug to undermine another.

Though you look at others with contempt,
It's you whose body will be reduced to dust.

Humanity is all one body;
To torture another is simply to wound yourself.

When you don't look for faults in others,
They will conceal your weaknesses in return.

Make your path straight now, by the bright light of day;
For pitch darkness will come without warning.

Consider no wickedness insignificant, however slight;
For the little deeds of darkness soon pile up.

If another does you harm, return them good;
Or evil will devour you too.

The heart that is safe in the storm
Is the one which carries
Others' burdens
Like a

-- from The Poetry of Rahman Baba: Poet of the Pashtuns, translated by Robert Sampson and Momin Khan

According to the BBC, Taleban vandals destroyed the ancient shrine to Sufi poet Rahman Baba because women continued to visit the shrine. And, no, I don't think that such actions justify the ongoing slaughter of Afghans by invading corporate armies, if anything, the military action provides a cover for, as well as a means whereby, such atrocities are achieved. There are proven ways to deal with the profound errors of thinking that this desecration represents, but they do not involve violence in any way shape or form.

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