Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is it a Snowstorm or an Exercise?

Friday, February 5, 2010
Snowpocalypse DC dot com has the single word Panic flashing on and off in screen sized red letters.
Fox noise informs us that the guys in army uniforms driving around in the SUVs are doing important work like taking sick people to the hospital – in case you were wondering who those guys were. It is currently illegal to drive in Baltimore without snow chains on your tires, so almost everyone is immobilized. Damn that weather is effective crowd control. Friday night lock-down.

In the place I am staying there is a big screen TV, tuned in to Fox Noise. I don’t usually watch TV, and I have never been exposed to Fox News before except in YouTube clips, so the snowstorm hype was quite novel. It was absurd, ridiculous overkill – but then I guess that is what is required to make people conform to the new emergency regime. Most of the TV heads were sufficiently aroused to go and buy extra stuff (TV heads are used to being encouraged to buy extra stuff) in readiness for two or three days stuck inside (One of those days being Superbowl Sunday no less). The crowds at the grocery store on Thursday night (it started snowing about noon on Friday) were orderly, but you would expect that in a nice Jewish suburb. Some places in DC looked very crowded indeed. I get the impression that it wouldn’t take much more than a three day snowstorm to start causing really serious problems.
And the authorities get to have a practice. Commentators such as Gerald Celente, James Howard Kunstler and others are predicting significant social unrest in the United States in the near future, and it would be unrealistic to expect that the authorities do not plan and train for such events. Though I am sure a lot of the activity on the roads over the next couple of days will be for the purpose of exercise, some of it will be real. I expect Fox Noise will serve up some suitable vignettes properly weighted to convey the right message.
Stay calm, the authorities have everything under control, resistance is futile, buy some more stuff.