Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Snowden operation appears to be just that, an Op.

Drake, Binney and Tice have already told us everything Snowden “revealed”.  In Snowden’s case, however, the data is spiced with salacious details (Merkel’s cell phone, agent’s using NSA resources to pursue sexual misconduct). Wow.  It’s just like a Hollywood movie.

Nobody in their right mind would accept the way these events are framed by the corporate media.

The argument is constructed in such a way as to persuade ordinary people concerned with privacy or the constitution, to align themselves with Snowden, and thereby Greenwald and his billionaire sponsor.

This Op also distracts attention from the real whistle-blowers cited above.  In that regard, it is a gift that keeps on giving, much in the way of the color coded terror alerts, or new videos from bin Laden, in the past, have been timed to achieve political aims.

And thus a whole new constellation of stars arise, for not only do we have Snowden, the hero, we have Greenwald who has gained the reputation of a fearless truth-teller, because nobody bothered to undertake a proper examination of his record.  And Omidyar, the billionaire gets to launch his new network with a stable of superstar reporters (Greenwald, Skahill, etc.) and a treasure trove of saucy “revelations” to keep the punters pumping.

Everybody wins – the billionaires, the NSA, the fake journalists and their fake “alternative” news, the smug liberals and libertarians, everybody except the reality based community, and the victims, whose charred remains litter the middle east; and the many other places where the cameras do not go.