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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


After decades of strong arming the Democratic party, going back at least as far as President Reagan in 1980, some Republicans, looking at a the potential of a severe reversal, are now calling for a bi-partisan cabinet, or a government of national unity.

With fewer and fewer people aligning themselves with either party, and the extent of the Republican betrayal of the American worker now becoming apparent to all This can only be seen as a last gasp attempt by the right wing to hold the country to the far right course that has served them so well for decades.

We already have two parties who slavishly follow a corporate agenda at the expense of the common people. Under the guise of “free trade” millions of good union manufacturing jobs have been transferred overseas. Both parties, taking much of their income from defense and pharmaceutical industries, have defended and extended the war machine, and fiercely defend the massive profits taken from the most expensive health care system in the world.

For decades, both parties have exploited the “Cold War” to unite the country in the face of an imaginary enemy. Now that the evil empire has been dismantled, both parties cling to the boogeyman bin Laden, and the myth of international terrorism in the hope of scaring people silly enough to support their massive theft and exploitation, and oppression of much of the rest of the world.

The fact is that more people die in traffic accidents in one day, than succumb to terrorist attacks in a year. More people die every year falling down stairs than as a result of terrorist attacks. SO terrorism is clearly not a big enough problem for people to check their common sense at the door. And there remains the problem of 911. What actually happened that day? No thinking person can continue to believe the official government conspiracy theory. There has still been no explanation for the total destruction of a 42 story building that day. It seems that there is no fabrication that will fit this event into the tale of 19 knife-wielding supermen, which has already been stretched beyond the fantastic in the story told by the bi-partisan 911 Commission.

The problems now faced by the Republicans and the Democrats, is that it is too easy for people to access alternative views to those expressed on the corporate media. The propaganda matrix is crumbling at the edges. The extent of environmental damage is too great to hide from all but the completely brain dead. The real crisis we face has nothing to do with Muslim extremists.

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