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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Its time to end this fkn war.

What are we doing to ourselves? We send young men, and old men, and even some women, to a desert country where they learn how to drag people into the street and shoot them. And then we bring them home, and give them jobs as police officers.

We have been continually at war in some place or another for decades. And this current war, the “war on Terror” is an endless war.

Some mad fiend blows up the World Trade Center, and now we, the American people, are the enemy. We must be subject to frequent searches, preposterous indignities like the shoeless shuffle at the gate, where we all pretend to believe in the story of the shoe bomber, cos whatever schmuck made up the story wants constant reassurance that the proles haven’t figured it out yet, and a demonstration of consequences for any that do speak out. Gotta keep the loonies on the path.

The liquid products in a one quart ziplock bag pay homage to the “death and destruction on an unprecedented scale” the description of the farcical liquid bomb airplane plot offered by the British Home secretary at the first press conference.

We honor the myth of the underwear bomber with full body scans. Everyone else is doing it. It makes it seem real.

The whole airport thing has become a ritual where the slaves demonstrate their fealty to the fantasy world of scary boogiemen, by enacting a pantomime. We label this nonsense “security’ but it is a ritual learning – and it is one of the pillars of the disinformation matrix -- the media enhanced false reality. Frequent travelers are being deeply brainwashed by this process.

Ugh. We now live in a completely made up world. What used to be routinely described as torture, has achieved a linguistic makeover in the US media that is newspeak and doublethink manifest. “Ignorance is Strength” would be a far more appropriate slogan for Faux Noise than the laughably improper ‘Fair and Balanced”. Thank heavens for Wikileaks, and the independent bloggers. I don’t know how easy it is to discern the truth from all these sources, but its gotta be healthier for the mind, than the meaningless pablum served up by the corporate stooges on the TeeVee.

It appears that the emotional basis which was the core rationale for the mass slaughter of Afghans and Iraqis has dissipated in the mass consciousness. Nobody really understands why “we” are there anymore. And the drugs and the oil and the money and corruption and the mayhem and slaughter are starting to penetrate.

We need to assert ourselves.

Its time to stop this fkn war.

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