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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Money as Energy

There are lots of different ways you can think about money, one of those ways is to think of money as energy. This is not a comprehensive view, but might be considered one facet of the diamond.

As you may be aware, most of the money in the world is created out of nothing by banks when they make a loan. The bank simply makes two entries on a balance sheet – a liability for the debtor and a credit for themselves and voila, money comes into circulation. The money actually gets its value from the work people do to earn it, but that comes later in the cycle – often just before it is returned to the bank as a loan payment.

During the movement of money around the country, or around the world in the case of the US Dollar, it picks up various kinds of energy. Sometimes this is negative energy as when money is used to pay for criminal activity, or it is stolen or changes hands as a result of cheating. This is symbolized by the fact that nearly every US Dollar in circulation has some tiny amount of cocaine on its surface, and is indicated in the terms blood-money, filthy lucre and so on.

When you convert national currency into a local currency, like the B-note (Baltimore MD), not only do you succeed in purging this accumulated negative energy from your transactions, but you also get a boost in positive energy. This is because the B-note does not accrue interest, and because its purpose is to improve the overall economic well-being of the community. When you spend a US Dollar, almost every transaction results in part of that dollar leaving the community. This can be for the purchase of services or supplies which originate elsewhere, for the payment of shareholders or the repayment of loans to outside entities. The B-note, however, has no value outside the community, so it does not leave. This has the effect of ring-fencing the B-note energy, causing it to circulate within the community each transaction adding to the positive energy replacing the entropic and often negative energy of US Dollars.


  1. Excellent analysis of why local currencies can be positive change vehicles!

  2. Thank you sir, coming from one of the leading practitioners in the field of positive change vehicles, that is high praise indeed.