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Thursday, September 12, 2013

War mongers on the back foot, but look out for the next false flag.

September 12, 2013

Sooo the powers that be did not get their war, for the time being.  This is the second time the war party has been on the back foot.  When Obama announced that he was going to consult the Congress (and then ignore what they said) there was an eerie silence on message-boards -- obviously I can't speak for all of them, but Alternet and Raw Story had a sudden disappearance of all the sock-puppets. I was not the only one to notice this. The cover story was dissipating like a poison gas, and nobody wanted to be caught promoting what was clearly a deception.

Just to be clear.  As things stand there is (1) No conclusive evidence that a chemical weapons attack took place on August 21 (2) No evidence whatsoever that the Assad regime was culpable, if there was a gas attack (3) conflicting reports of the chemical agent involved (Sarin, Fluoride) (4) Reports that Sarin was supplied to Al Nusrah by Saudi Arabia (5) Reports that the release was actually an accident (6) reports of hundreds of children kidnapped from Alawite villages in the days before YouTube informed us of the attack on August 21, with their bodies used in a deliberate deception (7) multiple different claims with respect to the number of fatalities – from 300 – 1500. (8) several documented instances of US government statements shown to be deliberately misleading, if not outright lies.

No wonder they couldn’t build much on this foundation. 

Then comes the full court press. Even though the leadership line up in support of the war like good little puppets, the congressional mail is running as high as 499-1 against the war.  The media relentlessly push the “gassed his own people” bullshit. September 9 & 10, the President is on CNN, NBC, CBS, NPR, ABC, and several cable stations, but Kerry has made that huge diplomatic blunder in London, and Putin has swiftly taken advantage.  The war party takes another huge step backwards.  The President addresses the nation from the white house (second time in his presidency) and announces a delay in the vote, but right at the end of his address he makes a reference to the deception that Bush the elder used to get the people behind his slaughter of the Iraqi military.  Remember children dying on the cold floor.   

The Russian propaganda outlet, RT publish ed a news story exposing the false flag attack on Israel being prepared at this moment.  I expect the strategy is to launch the sarin at some city in Israel, causing significant casualties.  However many die, the US media will immediately start pushing a number ten times greater, and the President will launch the Tomahawks.  Israel can be counted on to react with the most savage and unrestrained assault  imaginable. World War III is a distinct possibility.

To ensure that this is not the scenario that comes to pass, it is essential to prepare for the upcoming false flag attack by predicting it.  As loudly and as often as possible.  If it doesn’t happen then some people gonna mock, but who knows what might have been. 
If it does happen, there might be enough people see it for what it is and prevent or moderate the “retaliation”.  Hence this little essay. 

And now for my analysis of Tuesday night’s Daily Show

As the war party s in retreat there is no point in trying to persuade the audience as to the inherent justice of the pro-war position. Time to strengthen your own sensible, pragmatic, anti-war credentials.  Make fun of everybody – especially Fox, because, well because Republicans -- never let the little troopers forget they are always opposed to Republicans.  It’s a set up.  Literally.   And all very well done.

And then, not co-incidently, Hashish.  Look over there HASHISH!  Ha Ha Ha.  The same thing war-monger in chief John McCain did when he was overwhelmed by anti-war constituents at a town hall meeting last week.  Let’s talk about marijuana instead.  Look at the quality of the jokes in this segment – it is really weak by comparison with Stewart’s opening monolog, which was one of his best ever performances IMHO. Here is what I wrote about it yesterday.

"Fox News --Its motus operandi is to foment dissent in the form of a relentless and irrational contrarianism to Barack Obama and all things Democratic to advance its ultimate objective of creating a deliberately misinformed body politic whose fear, anger, mistrust and discontent is the manna upon which it sustains its parasitic succubus-like existence.” Very quotable I shall entertain my friends by committing this to memory.
Looks like the war party is backing off for now. But I think the vampire merely takes a breath, the fangs are coming back, and I expect next time they will really turn up the outrage. No doubt another, far more horrific, false flag attack is in the works. (RT has announced the discovery of a plot to use sarin in an attack on Israel, and blame the Assad regime.)
Stewart continues the "gassed his own people" propaganda. ("In my job you have to catapult the propaganda" - GWB). Softening up the audience, getting them ready to accept whatever fabrication the war profiteers come up with when they again point the finger of deception at "the Assad regime". There is no atrocity they are unwilling to contemplate, and popular resistance is very strong. They need a "new Pearl Harbor", and you can be sure they will get one.


  1. Sounds correct to me (except "modus" operandi, method of operation).

    I share your anxiety about the false flag and have posted the RT treatment of evidence about it a couple of days ago - I will now repost.

    1. I am not anxious, just pissed. And it wasn't a typo - should have added a sic.

      Putin's NYTimes Oped was not something I anticipated, but I consider myself validated.

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  3. It appears that there were many in the Pentagon apposed to the attack. That's the kind of resistance that has an effect.